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אל: German Chancellor Olf Scholz

Immediate release of Israeli hostages

We, citizens of Israel and from all over the world, some of us lost our loved ones and others are worried about our kidnapped relatives and friends, call on you to help rescue Israeli hostages kidnapped by Hamas and prevent further bloodshed on both sides by stepping in as a fair mediator in negotiating a deal to release the hostages in exchange for Hamas prisoners.

למה זה חשוב?

Update 12.10.23: Chancellor Schultz declared that he is dedicated to releasing all hostages and visited Israel a day before President Biden's visit as part of Germany's efforts on this issue. Now, as world leaders are committed to the release of hostages, we focus our efforts on opening a humanitarian corridor.

The horrific images from the south of Israel are heart breaking. It is difficult to breathe and the stomach turns with the tragic news that keeps coming.

In this nightmare, our priorities must be clear: to do everything possible to save the 150 hostages Hamas kidnapped to Gaza. Every moment counts to save their lives, but the extreme right-wingers in the Israeli government are pushing for massive airstrikes in Gaza. This will only endanger the lives of Israeli hostages and cause more bloodshed and suffering of innocent people on both sides of the border. It’s hard to digest, but it’s been said openly that the Israeli military response to the Hamas attack should not consider the lives of Israelis there.

Only international involvement will bring the Israeli government and Hamas to the negotiation table. This is why together with Campact, Zazim’s sister group in Germany, we are calling the German government to step in as a fair mediator and to negotiate an exchange deal to save the Israeli hostages.

Germany has successfully mediated prisoner and hostage exchange between Israel and Hamas in the past, as in the case of Israeli soldier taken prisoner by Hamas Gilad Shalit - and now we desperately need Germany to do the same again, as Israel is facing two options: Bombing Gaza and destroying it to the ground, killing thousands of innocent people in Gaza and eliminating all chances to rescue the Israeli hostages or prioritize rescuing the hostages through an exchange deal.

For so many, it’s already too late. For over 1200 Israelis already murdered by Hamas and for 1000 Palestinians in Gaza killed in the Israeli airstrikes (numbers apply to 11.10.23 noon IST) But your name in the call to the German Government can help save the lives of the 150 hostages and prevent more tragic bloodshed on both sides. It's a small step, but everything counts towards stopping the cycle of violence and bringing an equitable and lasting peace for people on all sides of the conflict.

In the photo: Noa Argamani kidnapped to Gaza
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